Happy #LaborDay Weekend

Hope everyone had a safe and fun #holiday #weekend. John and I went crabing and fishing a few times this weekend. It’s the first time all season we’ve been well enough and not busy at the same time. I hope the cooler weather will let us get outdoors more before the cold and dark of winter sets in.

They were two of the handful we caught but they were all undersized so they went back in the water.

Some photos of the view we had:

The weather here in central New Jersey has taken a turn toward the cool side over the last week or so and it’s made for some nice #sleeping #weather. This means it’s time for the #autumn #todo list. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m still working on my #summer list. Sadly I didn’t get my #fall plants started so I won’t have anything growing into #winter except for the kale and cabbage plants still hanging on from #spring. I had such a bad season with bugs this year that I’m thinking we’re set to have an early, cold winter.
I haven’t posted much this year dur to my health and websute issues, but I did get some shots and some videos of the gardens. I hope to post them soon. Thank you to everyone who still follows my posts. I appreciate your support more than you know.